There are few water activities better than stepping aboard a boat or a yacht to enjoy clear ocean water and the sea breezes blowing across your face. Whether you are taking a leisurely cruise or chasing the next big wake San Diego Boat Rentals offers a wide variety of experiences for the water sport enthusiast and the boat enthusiast. Boat rentals and yacht rentals are not just for the super rich anymore or for celebrities and their friends. It’s has become an enjoyable way to spend time on the water whether you are seeking an affordable experience or one that is super luxurious.

We offer boat and yachts that are sophisticated and state of the art that grant you the ultimate opportunity to enjoy 360 degree views of the water and get as close to mother nature’s biggest element.


Our Services

San Diego Boat Rentals has been providing countless boat enthusiasts with amazing experiences on the water. Whether you have the need for speed and want to surf the biggest smoothest wake behind a speed boat rental or you want a yacht charter for you and your family or friends, we can accommodate your requirements. As a professional, fully licensed, insured and certified boat rental company, we offer a wide range of options for boat rentals. This includes: speed boat rentals, houseboat rentals, yacht charter, motor boat rental and sail boat rental. You can expect value for money from charting our fleet. Our crews possess excellent navigation skills and our fully crews ensure that you have the holiday of a lifetime.

We are passionate about providing you with the best time possible on our boat rentals and yacht charters. This means whether you are a novice sailor or one who has years of experience, you will enjoy your time on the water immensely. We have a large fleet of vessels to select from the bareboat freedom of navigating your own course solo or with help from you friends and family. We also have skipper crew and full crew included yacht charter service. This wide range of choices provides clients with flexibility and the opportunity to experience fully independence or ultimate luxury. Either scenario is a life time of memories you will look back on with a smile.

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Yacht Rental

Our yacht charter service is some of the most enjoyable time you will spend on the water in luxury. With a full crew included means 24 hour service and amenities that are some of the finest you can find on land or on the sea. We offer you a customized experience that is light years away from the mundane pre package cruise ships that you experience on a crowded vessel. Instead, you have a private experience that is unique and full of good memories.

Sail Boat Rentals

As a boat enthusiast you don’t have to own a vessel. Instead our sail boat rentals offer an affordable and cost effective path to enjoying your time on the water. When you consider the maintenance, repairs, mooring and insurance premiums that you need to pay all throughout the year, boat ownership may start to look like a drag. There’s no need to sink your wallet into an all year round responsibility when you can benefit from our state of the art fleet of sail boat rentals.

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Coronado Boat Rentals

San Diego Boat Rentals has a well-established reputation for our Coronado Island boat rentals. We are passionate about serving clients and providing them with exceptional experiences for all their water activities. Whether you are keen to use our speed boat rentals for skiing, wake surfing or knee boarding for ultimate thrills or you desire a more leisurely experience, we are here for it. We take pride in our ability to meet the boating needs of our clients.

Mission Bay Boat Rentals

When you are keen to experience a Mission Bay sailboat rental, there is only one team that provides a experience of a lifetime. No matter what type of vessel your are seeking or what type of crew, we have the professional skill and experience. As one of the best yacht charter companies in the region, we have a stellar reputation for state of the art vessels that provide speed and luxury. We have a large fleet of vessels to select and you will find our customer service skills of the highest quality.

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Jetski Rentals

You love high-octane water sports and our jet ski rentals live up to your expectations of speed and horsepower. You can enjoy hours on the water as a solo activity or enjoy the special places in hideaway spots with a group of friends of family. Jet skis provide an alternate way to enjoy the shoreline and the ocean without the crowds on land. Speeding through the water on what of our jet skis might be like flying. It’s a highly popular adventure you won’t want to miss.

Wake Boat Rentals

New styles of wake boats come out each year with improvements that wake surfers and wake skiers are thrilled to use. We keep our fleet of wake boats up-to-date to give you the extreme experience you are seeking. Horsepower and speed absolutely matter in this water sport and you will experience ultimate thrills in our impressive fleet. Countless clients who enjoy water sports rely on our state of the art vessels to enjoy jumps and tricks that wake boats provide the environment to achieve.

“Our kids love wake boarding and there is no question that these guys have the best speed boats in San Diego. We would not use any other speed boat rental.” – Amy S.

“We really wanted a holiday for a few weeks on the water and to sail someplace that felt secluded to check out from the grind. It was perfect. The crew was amazing and the food was too. ” – Birkan G.

“We’ve wanted to crew our own yacht for a while but we knew we were not ready so a skipper crew for our outings has been the perfect solution to really master skill and enjoy our time on the water.” – Nova T.

Contact Us Today

Start planning your next holiday and time on the water with San Diego Boat Rentals and you will not regret it. We are a responsive boat rental service that you can contact on a variety of communications platforms. Whether you reach out to us via email, our online chat, our social media platforms or by phone, we are ready to answer all your questions about our vessels. You will see the our boat rental and yacht charter offers a far more affordable and better option than owning a vessel. This is particularly true if you are a boat enthusiast that enjoys experiences all of the new advances in boats and yachts that are introduced each year.