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San Diego Boat Rentals - About

We have a passion for providing beginner and advanced boat enthusiast with amazing experiences. Whether you’re seeking a bareboat or one that has a full crew we offer vessels that are state of the art. You don’t have to be super rich or rub shoulders with celebrities to enjoy the fun and luxury of boat rentals. As a decades old yacht charter in San Diego we have a large fleet of vessels to suit a variety of water activities. We have served countless clients in the region for wake boat rentals, sail boat rentals, houseboat rentals and speed boat rentals.  San Diego Boat Rentals offers a highly experienced crew for your holiday aboard some of the most sophisticated and appealing looking boat rentals in the region. If you’re seeking a customized holiday that is unique and distinct from the prepackage trips that are so often advertised on cruise ships, this is the perfect solution. You can enjoy privacy that boarding a boat allows or time away from stuffy hotels and large crowds. You will have a front row seat to mother nature when you sleep, eat and enjoy water sports all from your personal space with friends and family. We offer a personal touch and high quality of service that will keep you coming back to as clients on our vessels.

Enjoying ocean views, water sports and the highest level of customer service doesn’t mean you have to purchase your own vessel. San Diego Boat Rentals in offers you the best of both worlds that include affordability and experiencing the perfect blue waters of the ocean in a sophisticated state of the art space. We offer well maintained vessels that are clean, have plenty of storage space and a fantastic crew that is highly trained and skilled.