Jetski Rentals

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Stepping into a boat isn’t the only way to enjoy the ocean breeze when you have can hop onto jet skis. San Diego Boat Rentals has a thrilling fleet of jet ski rental to set out on the water for an incredible scenic view of the ocean that is like no other. Whether you have a need for speed or you’re seeking a more moderate approach, our jet skis take you from across the waters quickly and with a whole lot of action. As the premier boat rental in San Diego we have the large fleet and variety of styles you’re seeking to ride alone or in groups.

High Speed Fun

There are few other water sports that will provide you with the ability to navigate on water with the high speeds that jet skis can achieve. When you hop onto one, prepare yourself for thrills and let the wind blow through your air while you enjoy the beach views from the ocean. Some people want to enjoy the landscape, the long stretches of white sand, trees and landmarks on shore while they are on the water. Jet skis are the perfect solution for combining water sport, speed and scenic views. It’s a adventure filled with high speed fun that you will remember and want to try again to enjoy with family and friends.

Solo or with Your Crew

Setting out onto the ocean on jet skis can be an amazing feeling of freedom. It’s just you, the water and any mother nature you see. Whether it’s birds flying above you or fish you may see in the distance jumping in and out of the waters, you will find a feeling of enjoyment. Gathering your family or friends for a group-ride is equally entertaining. Race along the shoreline with a partner or in a gaggle and you can explore places in the water at a much faster speed than you would walking or in a sailboat. San Diego Boat Rentals has a large fleet of jet skis you can enjoy by the hour or over a series of days for you and group to relax and enjoy.

Easy to Learn

Learning to ride jet skis is a simple matter of instruction. Our team can show you how easy it is to learn in a few short steps. Countless clients have learned quickly and we take measures to ensure that you completely understand the parts of the jet ski and body positions to needed to riding a fun and enjoyable ride. Whether you take a splashing tumble off your jet skis or learning how to maneuver in a straight line or hopping aboard from water, it’s all in good safe fun that you will want to try again. Learning to ride our jet skis is one of the most entertaining water sport activities you will experience and our team provides step-by-step instruction for beginners and brush up instruction for experienced jet ski users to ensure they take the needed precautions on the water.

Relax Tension

Many repeat clients return because they know riding jet skis is not only enjoyable but also an excellent strategy for relieve tension. Whether you are a visitor to the area or a resident, you will soon see the how moving across the water in jet skis can bring you fun and sheer enjoyment. Letting the shoreline fade away to a chosen destination or just letting the breeze take you to an unknown path can relieve your tensions of the day. Of course, there are various ways to relax and fight stress, but if you also want to enjoy the ocean, the breeze on your face and speed, there’s nothing that matches the thrill of riding jet skis.