Mission Bay Boat Rentals

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When you love the ocean there are probably very few outdoor experience on land that can compare. The beauty and clarity of the ocean and the feeling of freedom brings many clients to San Diego Boat Rentals in Mission Bay. Though some might considerate it the ultimate luxury, boat enthusiasts know standing aboard a vessel improves quality of life and a sense of adventure. Our large fleet of vessels provide you with a variety of options for enjoying the water. Whether it’s hours or weeks aboard a vessel, we have the boat rental you are seeking for solo or group outings.

Unique Experience

When you’re seeking a unique experience away from the every day grind or a new holiday experience Mission Beach boat rentals offers you a variety of options both in vessel style as well as length of use. Whether you’re seeking a few hours of wake boat surfing or a month long holiday on one our yacht charters, we can promise you will long remember it as an enjoyable experience. We delight in serving clients with the best possible care and customer service that keeps them returning to our boat rental company in Mission Bay. We offer a personalized service that is unmatched by any other mission bay sailing boat rental outfit.

Full Freedom or Crewed Voyages

As an experienced boat enthusiasts you may be interested in chartering a mission bay sailboat or motor boat that you give you the freedom to navigate and sail on your own. We offer bareboat as well as skippered and full crew vessels. Whether you are keen to do all the mooring, refuel and clean the vessel from top to bottom or you are a group that prefers a catered option, the choice is your. You have the freedom you’re seeking either way as we offer a full crew that respects your privacy and uses the utmost discretion or you can opt for a skipper that navigates and shares their knowledge of charting courses so that you can improve your skills and learn new technologies.

Professional Experience

Our fully crews and skipper vessel use highly skilled and experienced staff. We carefully assign staff to areas in which the have deep knowledge so that you have the safety and skills needed aboard for an enjoyable holiday. Our skippered yacht charter in Mission Bay provide both experienced and beginner sailors with opportunities to improve your knowledge of navigation and sailing. You are able to combine your holiday with a true learning experience in a way that you will enjoy. Our large fleet of state of the art vessels provide ample opportunities for clients to gain the experience they are seeking with a fully qualified crew.

Customized Experience

When you’re planning your dream holiday, you may not consider a prepackage style itinerary particularly rewarding. Some holiday makers prefer a more unique and customized experience and using a Mission Beach boat rental is the perfect strategy. With our experienced staff and our state of the art vessel as well as our catering services you will have memories that last a lifetime. Whether you are a resident of Mission Bay or from out of town, you will enjoy the talent and skill of our crew and our comfortable and luxurious boat rentals. We offer a wide range of vessels to match your needs.