Sailboat Rentals

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You love the crystal blue water of the Pacific and whether it’s your first time on a sailboat or you’ve been on one more times than you can count, it feels wonderful. Boat rentals in San Diego are common but not all are created equal and when you plan for a sailboat outing you want charter that has a solid reputation. San Diego Boat Rentals has a large fleet of vessels of various sizes and styles from the luxurious to the modest and our crews are  highly professional. We can help you find the boat that is exactly what you dreamed for your ocean sailing adventure.

An Affordable Adventure

Experiencing the joys or sailing isn’t just for the super rich and famous. Though it’s a luxury experience, you don’t have to sink your wallet for an ocean experience. Our sail boat rentals offer affordable adventure that take the burden off of you for buying a vessel. Owning a sail boat initially may look like a terrific investment in your quality of life, but it also comes with a great deal of never ending expenses whether you are using it routinely or docking for months at a time. Maintenance, repairs, dock fees, crew salaries and a long list of other responsibilities often make owning a sail boat more stress than you want on a full time basis.


In the world where it seems there is increasingly less privacy, sail boat rentals can offer you the intimacy with family and friends that you are seeking. You will have an entire sail boat to that is dedicated space to enjoy the ocean and your closest relationships without having to share your time or your space on board with anyone else. Nature is your backdrop and a state of the art vessel is your location to have the time of your life in privacy and solitude. Our vessel suites offer a comfortable and stable environment and plenty of space on deck and below. As a boat enthusiast, you will see it’s a value for money experience that you will remember for years to come.

Unique Customized Experience

If packaged trips with every day planned down to the hour do not fill you with joy, sail boat rental offers a much different experience. You are able to create a unique customized experience that meets your exact requirements. Whether you want to enjoy a particular beach or bask in the sun or drink a cocktail with friends at a hidden gem, you can set sail and move on at the time you choose. Your trip grants you the opportunity to experience it just the way you want and visit places you’ve never seen or return to ones that are beloved by you and your group. But whatever the scenario, it’s a choice the you make without hordes of tourists with space you must share.

State of the Art Vessels

From year to year there are new changes that are made to sail boats. Whether it’s sophisticated GPS technology or engine efficiency that provide greater control, speed and power. Renting our sail boats provides you with an opportunity experience these state of the art vessels without the deep financial investment, maintenance and responsibility. You get the joys and none of the downside. This is the reason why so many discerning boat enthusiasts choose San Diego Boat Rentals as their number one choice for sail boat rentals.