Wake Boat Rentals

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You have a passion for ocean waves and you love to make the most of wake boat water sports every chance you get. San Diego Boat Rentals offers high octane adventure on the water you won’t soon forget with our state of the art wake boat rentals. If you’re seeking a large fleet of speed boats in San Diego to select from, for the ultimate experience, call us for top of the range models. We are just as passionate about you having a good time on the water as you probably are. Our motor boat team can answer all your questions in detail for you to make the right choice.

Variety of Use

We offer a variety of wake boats for your water sport fun. As a premier motor boat rental company, we offer hours of fun on the water and our boats are specifically designed for variety of use. Whether you are keen to try wakeboarding, wake surfing, wake skiing or wake staking or knee boarding, you will experience the thrill of high action on the water. As highly skilled wake boat users many of our clients are able to freely use our equipment for jumping and lots of fun tricks. But even if you are a novice wake boat user you will enjoy the action on the water with friends in a variety any one of our motor boat rentals.

Renting Saves Money

Owning a boat may seem like the ultimate pleasure experience on water, but not when you consider how quickly they depreciate once purchased. Rather than buying a motor boat, countless clients prefer the cost efficiency of motor boat rentals. San Diego Boat Rentals provides you with the ability to experience that latest and most advanced equipment on the market without the hassle of ownership. When you consider the cost of storage fees, maintenance and repairs for your motor boat, renting is a better option for money well spent. If you are an avid wake boat user, purchasing technology each year may not be possible unless you rent.

Solo Fun or Group Fun

Whether you’re seeking water sport fun as a solo activity or an experience that includes family and friends, we have the equipment you need. Wake boarding and wake surfing are exciting activities and when you are with friends you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Our boats were made for groups to enjoy natures at its best. As a provider of high end motor boat rentals we do provide you with state of the art equipment and safety measures that ensure you and your friends are safe. Wake boat outings are the ultimate experience in water sports and we take great pride in providing state of the art motor boat rentals for you and your group.

Affordable Fun

Surfing the waves behind a wake boat doesn’t have to be an expensive way to enjoy water sport. As one of the most popular activities, it offers the ultimate experience. Whether you want to go tubing, skiing, or surfing our deluxe decked out boats are affordable-fun. Our large fleet of wake boats offers excellent horsepower and storage space for all your surfing needs. Use them for a casual cruise or rent out motor boats for endless hours of high octane enjoyment.