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You don’t have to own a yacht to enjoy the benefits of sailing on one. Yachting has long been a sign of ultimate luxury for generations and it was a water activity that only the super rich, celebrities or those who mingled in their elite circles could experience. In modern times, more people are able to experience the joys of the open sea and the surrounding nature and enjoy white sand beaches that only a yacht could access. San Diego Boat Rentals has a fleet of well equipped yachts for any type of excursions your are seeking. Whether you want a day trip or a an extended holiday aboard one of our well appointed yachts, we have a wide variety in our fleet to select, along with a professional crew.

Private Experience

In an age where CCTV, mobile phones and social media are a part of everyday life, sometimes you just want to get away from it all without intrusions. Yacht rentals are the perfect way to enoy your time alone with family and friends and get the private experience you are seeking. It’s an intimate experience that no other location can achieve. Even the best hotels do not offer the solitude and serenity or stunning views that boarding and yacht can achieve. Every day looks different that the last and you have the benefit of not sharing your space with any other guests that who you’ve chosen to accompany you. If privacy is of great value to you, yacht rental is the superior choice for your holiday.

Five-Star Experience

Maybe you stay in 5-star hotels frequently and you’re seeking a new holiday experience. Yacht rental offers a fully crewed experience with your own chef, stopping in locations you personally selected and a discreet crew that will never intrude. They have expertise to navigate and make you feel at home aboard our luxury yachts so that you can relax and enjoy your time without the stress of chipping in to keep the galley clean or refuel or dock. Our yacht charter service is the ultimate luxury you will remember for a lifetime. San Diego yacht charters are some of the most exclusive accommodations you will find in the region. Our full crew is available to provide you the luxury experience you are seeking for your time away from home.

Customized Experience

On a cruise ship you go where someone else has pre-determined would make a great holiday destination, but with yacht rentals you can create a customized experience and follow your own rules for destination. Perhaps there’s a beach area or particular ocean view you wish to see, we are able to accommodate your wish as well as the types of food you want to eat. Whether you wish to sip on your favorite drinks in the perfect spot you chose or enjoy sunset or sunrise in a location you’ve always imagine, our San Diego yacht rentals can make it happen easily because it’s a holiday you designed to suite your tastes and preferences.

Personalized Menu

Maybe you want seafood every night and vegan food every morning or you have a peanut allergy or a taste for deep fried food. Whatever the scenario, it’s your choice because we offer a personalized menu for you to dine on your yacht rental. The perfect meals are ones that you enjoy eating and that accommodate your needs and tastes. It doesn’t matter if you’re gluten free or carbohydrate free, we work with our clients to provide the menu they desire to make a perfect holiday. It’s a worry free delectable experience that you are sure to remember.